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Road Route, Stage 9: Travel Guide High Tatras - Pieniny

One of the most scenic stages of the Road Route, with two charming national parks on the route.

From Tatranská Lomnica, continue a bit along the main road, before turning right to a paved cycling path in the forest. After a few kilometres you cross the main road again and continue smoothly up to Tatranská Kotlina.

Tatranská Kotlina is well known especially because of the Belianska Cave. If you feel like visiting, check entrance options in advance and lock your bike with belonging properly. You will need to walk up a bit to the entrance. Admission fee is 12€ (only cash, no reservation possible) and entrances should be every hour, or more often in high season. Tour lasts 70 minutes.

From Tatranská Kotlina, follow unpaved cycling path to Ždiar. This charming village offers amazing views upon Belianske Tatry Mountains. Stop by at Ždiarsky dom for refreshment or museum. You can continue along the village, or according to the route make a small detour into Monkova dolina valley and Strednica ski resort. 

The most demanding ascent today will take you to the mountain pass 1134 metres above sea level. From here, enjoy descent safely down to Osturňa. This is the last village before entering Poland for some 20 kilometres. 

Cycle through Kacwin, Niedzica with impressive castle above the lake, Stromowce Wyzne and Stromowce Nizne. Here, cross the Dunajec river via pedestrian bridge back to Slovakia in Červený Kláštor. Welcome to Pieniny National Park!

65 kilometres


+ 460 metres

Elevation gain



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Road Route Stage 9: High Tatras – Pieniny

Pubs and restaurants

Where to eat and drink along the way?

Tatranská Kotlina / 14 km

There are several options to stop by for refreshment at Tatranská Kotlina, like U Furmana restaurant. Good to combine with a visit to Belianska Cave.

Ždiarsky dom / 22 km

Traditional restaurant with folk crafts museum and splendid views upon Belianske Tatry alpine peaks in charming village of Ždiar.

Osturňa / 38 km

Deserved beer or kofola or refreshments at local pub or grocery store in Osturňa before you enter Poland. 🙂

Bed and Breakfast

Where will you stay for the night?

Kláštor Múzeum / Červený Kláštor

Stylish accommodation in medieval monastery in Pieniny National Park.

Contact information

Address: Pod Lipami 20, Červený Kláštor

Telephone: +421 52 48 22 955, +421 911 325 250


What to see

Interesting locations along the route

Belianska Cave / 14 km

Popular cave, a short walk from the parking place needed, so lock your bike well. Good to check entrance options in advance.

Ždiar / 22 km

Small but cozy museum of folk crafts next to the restaurant. Splendid views on Belianske Tatry Mountains.

Niedzica Castle, Poland / 53 km

Charming castle above the lake in Poland. A small 2 km detour from the route, but can be worth to stop.

Repair shops

The best bike repair shops along the route


There are a few ebike rentals in Ždiar, where they could help.

Niezdica (Poland)

Bike rental in Niezdica, also could help with repairs.

Červený Kláštor

Bike rental in Červený Kláštor, possibly they help as well.

Things to do in Pieniny National Park

The largest attraction of Pieniny National Park is a traditional wooden rafting or standard rafting at charming Dunajec river. This is a really nice experience, as the river is surrounded by impressive rock formations and juicy forests. There are several companies both on Slovak and Polish sides, try for example Rafting Oravec or Pieniny Sport Centrum.

If rafting is not your cup of tea, you can enjoy beauties of Pieniny National Park also by biking into the gorge on unpaved educational trail (return trip, 1-2 hours).

Also, do not miss to explore the mysteries of medieval monastery Červený Kláštor museum.

For dinner, head to Goralska Restaurant U Petrika.