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Mountain Route East

6-day Mountain Bike Adventure from Banská Bystrica to Košice

What is the Bike Slovakia Mountain Route East?

This is a pure adventure in the mountains of Central Europe. Your 13-day mountain bike journey across eastern Slovakia can become an experience of the year, or even life time. It is more than 300 kilometres from Banská Bystrica to Košice through the Carpathian forests, meadows, plateaux and mountain ridges. Refresh yourself in authentic local pubs and restaurants along the route and enjoy overnights in cosy mountain huts and guesthouses. 

6 days

Make it faster if you are crazy :). Or stay longer at the location you wish and prolong the trip.

310 kilometres

Ride a bike 45 – 65 km per day on mountain bike on mostly unpaved roads.

8,300 m elevation gain

Ride 1110 – 1650 metres elevation gain per day. Highest point 1200 metres above sea level.

Explore the Day-to-Day Routes

What can you expect?

Freedom. Open landscapes. Deep forests. You and the dirt road. Every-day challenge. Out of civilization, immersed in nature. Experiencing joy inside of you. Sharing excitement with friends. Strenous uphills and long downhills. Enjoying reward at the end of each day. Welcoming mountain huts, nutrient meals, refreshing beverages. This is the Bike Slovakia Mountain Route East.

Well-tested route

GPS navigation and a carefully tested route.

Self-guided or guided

Tips what to see or our live guide included.

Good sleep to refill your energy

Cosy mountain huts or guest houses with filling breakfast.

Local food and drinks

Authentic pubs and restaurants to stop for lunch or beer.

Luggage transfers

Like to travel lightly? We arrange the transfers of your luggage.

Bike rental

Love your bike? Bring it. Do you need one to rent? We take care of it.

Get inspired by the day-to-day videos!


Bike Slovakia Mountain Route East

6-Day Journey

GPS Navigation and Offline Guide

B&B accommodation

Train Transportation Back to Bratislava

Luggage Transfers and Bike Rental Available


upon request


Bike rental

+20€ per day per person

Luggage Transfers

+20€ per day per person


+140€ per day per group

Do you have any questions? We are happy to answer!

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Mountain Route West

Bratislava – Banská Bystrica, 7 days

Full Mountain Route

Bratislava – Košice, 13 days

Mountain Route Part 1

Bratislava – Nové Mesto nad Váhom, 3 days

Mountain Route Part 2

Nové Mesto nad Váhom – Banská Bystrica, 4 days

Mountain Route Part 3

Banská Bystrica – Telgárt, 4 days

Mountain Route Part 4

Telgárt – Košice, 4 days