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About Slovakia

Discover a Hidden Gem in Central Europe

About Slovakia: Undiscovered Beauty in the Heart of Europe

Discover a country in the heart of Europe. Explore the  alpine landscapes of the Carpathian mountains, visit medieval Unesco towns and delve into the fascinating 20th century history of the Slovak capital Bratislava.

Map of Slovakia in Europe

Slovakia: Unknown and Closer than You Think

Slovakia as a travel destination is still relatively untouched by mass tourism. And this is despite its location – you can easily reach Slovak capital Bratislava in one hour from Vienna. A bit less in focus of travellers compared to its neighbours Austria, Czechia, Hungary and Poland, it can offer you a surprisingly enriching travel experience.

Slovakia is a landlocked country of the size a bit bigger than Denmark or Switzerland and the population over 5 million. Its central location caused that Slovak history was influenced by Celts, Romans, Turks, Hungarians, Czechs, Germans and Soviets. All these influences left traces of a diverse cultural heritage. Ancient excavations, gothic cathedrals, medieval castle ruins, chateaus of Hungarian nobility, industrial and mining monuments, functionalism of the first Czechoslovak republic and communist-era landmarks. 

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