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Frequently Asked Questions

All You Wanted to Know about Bike Slovakia but Were Afraid to Ask

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Slovakia safe to travel by bike?

Slovakia is as safe for cycling as any other country in Europe. Drivers can be sometimes unpredictable, so ride defensively. However, the Bike Slovakia Road Route follows mostly side roads with low traffic, or designated cycle paths, where it is possible. Terrain of the Mountain Route is mostly on unpaved forest roads and mountain bike paths. They are usually not technically difficult and doable by a gravel bike, too. Crime in Slovakia is not a big issue. It is always worth to lock your bike and take your valuables when you go to the shop. Every accommodation on our route provides a safe storage of your bicycle for the night, just talk to the host.

What time of the year is the best to travel in Slovakia?

We recommend to visit Slovakia for your cycling trip from May until October. Rain is relatively evenly distributed all-year-round. Winter lasts from December until March and it can be harsh, especially in the mountain regions. April is rather unpredictable – it can offer great and relatively warm sunny days in the lowlands as well as occasional snow in the mountains, therefore you could consider it for the Road Route. It is also an off season, rates and number of tourists everywhere the lowest. May can be similar to April, just warmer and in general a good month to ride. Summer in Slovakia lasts from June until August and this is probably the best time to travel. It can be hot, but options to swim in the lakes along the route are worth it! September and October are in general cooler, with shorter days, but the weather can become very stable, if you are lucky to get Indian Summer. November is usually rainy and colder and complete off-season.