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Road Route, Stage 7: Travel Guide Detva - Heľpa

It will be a hard, but scenic stage today. You are approaching deep forests and higher mountains of central Slovakia. 

From Detva, climb up to the picturesque rural areas of Podpoľanie region with dispersed settlements, farms and traditional terrace fields. Hriňová is the last town before a long ascent to highland villages and plateau of Poľana mountain. 

There is a grocery store in Lom nad Rimavicou, a village with the highest elevation in Slovakia (1000 metres above sea level). After passing other villages of Sihla and Drábsko and a mountain plateau, a long descent to Čierny Balog awaits you.

Before Čierny Balog, make a stop at the open-air forestry museum Vydrovo and if you have some energy left, take a walk on educational trail there. Čierny Balog is well known for its narrow gauge  railway, slow and steamy but popular especially for families with kids.

One more hill to pass and you are in Brezno, a local centre with a picturesque square, museum in a bell tower and cafés. From Brezno, consider taking a 15: 08 train to Heľpa arriving at 15:43. There is no problem to take a bicycle to the train, you just need to buy the ticket for bicycle for 1,50€. The only other train leaves at 19:08.

Road from Brezno to Heľpa can be busier with traffic, despite not crazy. It passes several villages and follows the Hron valley. But with taking a train, you would save some 26 kilometres, which may be handy after ascents of today and before ascents of tomorrow. 🙂

81 kilometres


+ 1 180 metres

Elevation gain



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Road Route Stage 7: Detva – Heľpa

Pubs and restaurants

Where to eat and drink along the way?

Hriňová / 15 km

There are a few cafés and a nice confectionary in Hriňová. Grab some calories before the long ascent.

Čierny Balog / 45 km

Open-air bistro and café at the train station for a narrow gauge railway. Worth a stop!

Brezno / 55 km

Brezno town has a nice square with cafés, restaurants and a legendary pub Bombura.

Bed and Breakfast

Where will you stay for the night?

Penzión Lucs / Heľpa

Elegant guest house in Heľpa.

Contact information

Address: Partizánska 321

Telephone: +421 48 6186 206, +421 903 980 812


What to see

Interesting locations along the route

Highland villages

Scenic route between Detva and Hriňová and later through Lom nad Rimavicou are too scenic!

Čierny Balog / 45 km

Open-air forestry museum with educational walking trail and narrow gauge railway. Worth a stop!

Brezno / 55 km

Brezno has a nice square with a museum in a bell tower. Nice!

Repair shops

The best bike repair shops along the route

Cyklošport Servis Hriňová

Bike shop in Hriňová at Jarmočná 1419.

Yogi Šport / Brezno

There are several bike shops in Brezno, mostly at Rázusova street.

Bikezona / Brezno

More bike shops in Brezno!