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Road Route, Stage 11: Travel Guide Spiš Castle - Košice

Welcome to the wild, wild East! The last stage of the road route adventure from Bratislava to the metropolis of Eastern Slovakia, Košice, will take you through less visited part of the country, with authentic villages and landscapes.

The things to stop by and visit are directly after you depart from Spišská Kapitula. Both Spiš Castle and Žehra church are amazing UNESCO sights, though completely different scale. Allow at least an hour to see the grandiose Spiš Castle and 15 minutes may be enough to contemplate about gothic frescoes in the charming Žehra church.

But then it is time go, as significant portion of kilometres awaits you. Follow the road more intense traffice though Spišské Vlachy and Krompachy to Kluknava. Just behind of the most largest Roma favellas in Slovakia turn left to a minor road.

Pass villages Víťaz, Ovčie and Hrabkov and climb the steepest part to the highest point of today, before continuing mostly down all the way to Košice through numerous villages and a charming valley of Svinka. 

Congrats, you made it! Welcome to Košice! 🙂

81 kilometres


+ 710 metres

Elevation gain



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Road Route Stage 11: Spiš Castle – Košice

Pubs and restaurants

Where to eat and drink along the way?

Lidl Krompachy / 15 km

There are some options to refresh in Krompachy, though maybe it is a better idea to buy a snack in local Lidl. 🙂

Sedlice / 45 km

Again, there should be some local village pubs open along the way, but if not you can stop by at the local grocery store in Sedlice.

Bar U Ota / 68 km

Authentic pub in Družstevná pri Hornáde, only 10 kilometres before the goal in Košice.

Bed and Breakfast

Where will you stay for the night?

Penzión Plaza / Košice

Guest house with favourable location in the city centre.

Contact information

Address: Dominikánske námestie 23

Telephone: +421 55  622 34 50


What to see

Interesting locations along the route

Spiš Castle / 4 km

One of the largest castle ruins in Central Europe, proudly standing on the top of the hill (UNESCO). Worth a little detour from the main road. 

Žehra church / 7 km

UNESCO medieval church with preserved frescoes, may be worth a stop. To see interior, call Ms. Orlovska +421 53 448 50 27.

Svinka Valley / 58 km

Pleasant ride along the green valley with very limited traffic.

Repair shops

The best bike repair shops along the route


Bike shop in Krompachy.

Jump Sport Košice

Bike shop in Košice near the route.

Merida Košice

Bike shop near your accommodation in the centre.

Things to do in Košice

Košice as the second largest city in Slovakia offers numerous possibilities to enjoy art, culture, sport and urbanscapes. Check the Košice official tourist website or visit the local tourist office at Hlavná 59 for up-to-date information on what to do and directions.