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Mountain Route, Stage 2: Travel Guide Modra Piesok - Dobrá Voda

The second stage of the Mountain Route will bring you along the Little Carpathians further to the north. There are plenty of nice downhills for you to enjoy. There are no pubs or restaurants for the first 35 (3-4 hours ride) kilometres of the route, so bring enough water and snacks if you need.

In the middle of the day, you have an option to swim in the lake Buková and get some refreshments at local restaurant. It is a short 900m detour from the main route, well recommended. If not, there is another local pub 2 kms further in Buková village, but they do not serve food. 

 The final destination Dobrá Voda is famous for its spectacular castle ruin.

55 kilometres


+ 1 340 metres

Elevation gain



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Mountain Route Day 2: Modra Piesok – Dobrá Voda

Pubs and restaurants

Where to eat and drink along the way?

Buková Lake / 34,6 km

The first pub along the route is Lážo-Plážo Bufet at Buková lake. They serve food as well. Worth a little 900m detour after a long forest section without pubs.

Buková village / 38 km

Authentic local village pub Hostinec pod Vŕškom with unbeatable prices and atmosphere. Only drinks, no food. 

Dobrá Voda Village

After your arrival to the destination, you have several options to get a drink. At Pohostinstvo Blava they should serve food / pizza as well.

Bed and Breakfast

Where will you stay for the night?

Penzión Skalka / Dobrá Voda

Comfortable B&B in Dobrá Voda village.

Contact information

Address: Dobrá Voda 226

Telephone: +421 903 455 534

What to see

Interesting locations along the route

Mon Repos / 25 km

Ruins of the Pallfys’ chateau and a gamekeeper’s lodge from 19th century hidden in the forest.

Buková Lake / 35 km

Pleasant place to take a rest in the middle of the day. Time to swim and to have a lunch at local restaurant/pub.

Dobrá Voda Castle / 57 km

Medieval castle ruin, 30 minutes walk/hike through the forest from Dobrá Voda village, your final destination of today. 

Things to do in Dobrá Voda

Dobrá Voda (“Good Water”) is a village surrounded by the forests of the Little Carpathians. There is your bed and breakfast, several pubs, a restaurant, Dobrá Voda Castle Ruin and an open-air swimming pool. 

To visit local pubs, visit Hostinec U Procházku just a few metres from Penzión Skalka. Pohostinstvo Blava in the centre of the village serves some food (pizza) as well. Bufet Mariáš near the open-air swimming pool is a bit further from the village, so consider visiting it by bike.

The main attraction of the village is Dobrá Voda medieval castle ruin, hidden in the forests, definitely worth to visit. Former red trail led through the local cemetery, which is the shortest and nicest route. Or take a new red trail on the way there and a green trail on the way back, it is a nice 1-2 hour trip.