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Miriam Trip, Stage 6: Travel Guide Gelnica - Košice

The last stage of the mountain route takes you from Gelnica up to Kojšovská hoľa with gradual 15 km long ascent. From here, it is a scenic mountain route mostly with descents all the way down to Košice.

After leaving Košice, turn right after only 3 km from the main road to a paved forest road. The valley is long and forested. After 2 hours or so you should reach Erika mountain hut that offers refreshments. Erika is located just 100 metres (elevation gain) and 1,3 kilometres from the top of Kojšovská hoľa. It is really worth to make it to the top for amazing views.

From Erika mountain hut, take the paved road direction Zlatá Idka, but turn left to a forest path after 1,5 km. It is only 1 km following unmarked trail before reaching Golgota, the top station of an old ski lift.

From Golgota, you follow the red hiking trail for 4,7 km before turning left to the left trail for a while to reach Loreley viewpoint. It is a random rock where you need to climb a few metres from the your bike route. 

After 1,7 km on yellow trail, you return back to the red trail. Lajoška mountain hut is probably still closed due to renovation, so continue on cycling trails all the way to Jahodná resort with a restaurant. 

From here, it is only 8 kilometres following a playful forest path to Horný Bankov, a recreational forest area of Košice. Welcome to asphalt road again. After reaching the main road in the valley, make a stop at Alpinka/Čermeľ. Alpinka is a narrow gauge railway, the last of its kind still surviving since 1955-56, built by communist-era pioneer youth. 

Another 4 easy kilometres and you reach the main square in Košice, with the largest cathedral in Slovakia (St. Elisabeth). Congratulations, you made it! 🙂

54 kilometres


+ 1070 metres

Elevation gain



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Miriam Route Stage 6: Gelnica – Košice

Pubs and restaurants

Where to eat and drink along the way?

Erika / Kojšovská hoľa

Mountain hut / hotel with restaurant under the top of Kojšovská hoľa after 15 km ascent.


Guest house with restaurant at Jahodná is another option to refresh after 18 kilometres from Kojšovská hoľa.

Horný Bankov, Košice

Entering Košice! This forest recreational location of Košice offers refreshments before reaching the city centre. 

What to see

Interesting locations to explore

Kojšovská hoľa

From Erika mountain hut, it is worth to cycle other 1,3 km and 110 m elevation gain up to Kojšovská hoľa (1244 m) peak for splendid views. You can leave your luggage at Erika hut as it is a return trip. 

Loreley View

Viewpoint upon the rock a few metres steeper walk up to a random rock formation. 

Alpinka Railway

Historic narrow gauge railway /4 km/ built for recreational purposes by communist “pioneer” youth in 1955-56, the only surivor of its kind in former Czechoslovakia. 

Things to do in Košice

Košice as the second largest city in Slovakia offers numerous possibilities to enjoy art, culture, sport and urbanscapes. Check the Košice official tourist website or visit the local tourist office at Hlavná 59 for up-to-date information on what to do and directions.