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Day 7, Kežmarok - Spiš Castle Mon, 19 Sept

The seventh stage of the journey takes you from Kežmarok across former military area of Levočské vrchy and historic town Levoča (UNESCO) to Spiš Castle.

 It is a relatively shorter route, allowing you to have enough time to visit churches of Kežmarok in the morning, take a look at some of the sights in Levoča or maybe even to visit legendary Spiš castle.

From Kežmarok, you need to cycle back 6 kilometres across the village Ľubica and then turn right. You follow the road with very limited traffic as this became a military area during the Cold War and several villages were lost. 

On the way, there is an asphalt road, but downhill as a gravel road with not so good quality, so please ride slowly and carefully (5 kilometres, km 15 – km 20 from to start). 

Levoča can be a good place to take a lunch or coffee and take a look around this historic UNESCO town.

From Levoča, you continue on a main road to Spišský Hrhov, interesting village worth to make a stop. It became an example of a successful integration projects of Roma population. There are several communal businesses, cultural venue and a chateau. Also, directly by the main road, there is a small shop with local products and friendly staff.

In Klčov, turn right from the main road and after passing Buglovce and Baldovce you reach Spišské Podhradie and your accommodation at Penzion St. Martin.

Allow some time to take a walk around – this was one of the seats of Catholic archbishops over centuries. Spišská Kapitula was the centre of it and you have accommodation directly there. There are nice walking trails around, for example this 2-km walk from Penzion St. Martin to chapels and travertine objects.

Legendary Spiš Castle (UNESCO) is partially in renovation these days, but still it is worth to visit. If you have enough energy, you can even walk there directly from Penzion St. Martin.

41 kilometres


+ 525 metres

Elevation gain



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Day 7: Kežmarok – Spiš Castle

Pubs and restaurants

Where to eat and drink along the way?

Kupecká Bašta, Levoča / 25 km

Restaurant in the medieval city walls with big portions popular by locals, too.

Kredenc, Spišský Hrhov / 31 km

Shop with local and bio products, run by the village that provides integration projects for Roma population.

St. Martin Restaurant

For dinner, you don’t need to search further from your accommodation. Tasty food and calm atmosphere.

Bed and Breakfast

Where will you stay for the night?

Penzión St. Martin / Spišská Kapitula

Spišská Kapitula, Spišské Podhradie
+421 948 957 977

Guest house in a former monastery with historic feel. Accommodation was paid, please pay 14€ cash or by card for breakfast.

What to see

Interesting locations along the route.

Levoča / 25 km

Historic UNESCO town on your way worth to make a stop and to take a look around.

Spišský Hrhov Chateau / 31 km

Unexpected chateau with a big park in the village with successful Roma pop. integration.

Spiš Castle

The largest castle in Central Europe, UNESCO. Opened until 18h.