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Day 6, Pieniny - Kežmarok Sun, 18 Sept

The sixth stage of the journey takes you from Pieniny National Park to the historic town of Kežmarok. Please be prepared that on this route number of shops of restaurants is limited, so be prepared with water and snacks in advance.

 It is a relatively shorter route, allowing you to have enough time to take a wooden raft in Pieniny National Park in the morning or to cycle a bit into the gorge. 

There are several companies organizing the wooden rafting (plte) experience, but probably the easiest is to ask directly at Penzion Jolla, as they offer these services as well –

Alternatively, you can cycle into the Dunajec river gorge by bike, for as long as you like it, for 8 km max until the border with Poland. Here is the route. Also, it is worth to visit Čevený Kláštor monastery museum.

From Červený Kláštor (“Red Monastery”) you cycle across Toporecké sedlo Mountain pass (800 metres above sea level). Villages Holumnica, Jurské Ihľany have significant Roma population, so be please prepared for the unexpected. You will see poverty unlike you have seen in Europe so far. I recommend not to spend too much time here and just keep going. 🙂

Kežmarok is a charming historic town, so allow some time to take walk around. It is worth to visit Kežmarok castle (last entrance at 16:00) or some of the churches (closed on Sunday for visit unfortunately apart from the services, so possibly on Monday morning).

47 kilometres


+ 610 metres

Elevation gain



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Day 6: Pieniny – Kežmarok

Bed and Breakfast

Where will you stay for the night?

Penzión Albrechtt / Kežmarok

Nová 35, Kežmarok
+421 948 643 591

Guest house in the centre of town next to Kežmarok Castle. Please send sms ca 1 hour before your arrival to +421 948 643 591 that you are coming. Pay 60€ in cash for accommodation and breakfast.

What to see

Interesting locations along the route.


Beautiful river gorge possible to visit on a wooden raft (plte) or by bike. Ask at Penzion Jolla for wooden raft experience.

Carthusian Monastery in Červený Kláštor

Medieval monastery worth to take a look just a short walk / ride from Penzion Jolla.


Historic town with a lot of sights to explore. Especially Kežmarok Castle next to your Penzion Albrechtt, the last entrance at 16:00.