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Road Route, Stage 8: Travel Guide Heľpa - High Tatras

Big mountains today. From the centre of Slovakia, you will pass the ridge of Low Tatras and cycle up to High Tatras.

The biggest challenge of today comes right in the morning. From Heľpa, follow the asphalt cycling path without traffic up to Priehyba mountain pass (1192 metres). This is the highest point of the whole route between Bratislava and Košice. If you feel like cycling higher, there still will be options in High Tatras. 🙂

From the main ridge of Low Tatras, enjoy downhill safely to Čierny Váh valley. From here, take a short (5 km) but scenic cycling path built on former narrow gauge railroad built above the creek in a steep hill.

From Biely Potok, follow the road with minor traffic to Šuňava and enjoy the first views to alpine peaks of the High Tatra mountains. Šuňava offers the first option to buy something to eat or drink at local pizzeria, pub or grocery store.

In Lučivná, turn right to a cycling path without traffic all the way to Svit. Svit is maybe not the most charming town on this trip, but if you give a chance to a local industrial architecture of 1930’s built for employers and employees of the legendary Baťa shoemaker, you may find it interesting. Shoes are not produced here, but socks yes – buy a pair as an authentic souvenir in Tatrasvit company store.

Continue through villages of Batizovce and Gerlachov up to Tatranská Polianka, where you join the Road of Freedom, the main road connecting mountain resorts in High Tatras. Only 4 kilometres further you arrive to Starý Smokovec, the oldest resort and the centre of High Tatras. Stop at the local info centre to get some maps and up-to-date information.

Tatranská Lomnica, the goal of your journey, is 5 kilometres further, mostly down.

69 kilometres


+ 940 metres

Elevation gain



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Road Route Stage 8: Heľpa – High Tatras

Pubs and restaurants

Where to eat and drink along the way?

Šuňava / 36 km

The first option to refresh and possibly eat pizza is in the village of Šuňava.

Svit / 49 km

Working class pub in industrial town of Svit. Good option to refresh before ascent.

Koliba Starý Smokovec / 62 km

Good restaurant with traditional meals in the centre of High Tatras.

Bed and Breakfast

Where will you stay for the night?

Penzión Jesenský / Tatranská Lomnica

Elegant guest house in one of the centres of High Tatras.

Contact information

Address: Tatranská Lomnica 48

Telephone: +421 915 715 619


What to see

Interesting locations along the route

Čierny Váh / 24 km

Small open-air museum of the narrow gauge railway. Nice cycling path on former railroad.

Svit / 49 km

Industrial town planned by a legendary Czech shoemaker Baťa, since 1930’s. Buy socks in Tatrasvit company store.

Starý Smokovec / 62 km

The oldest resort in High Tatras has many elegant villas and hotels. Stop at local info centre to get more details on what to do.

Repair shops

The best bike repair shops along the route

Ondrej Glajza

Bike shop in Svit.

Najšport / Starý Smokovec

Bike repair shop in Starý Smokovec. Probably need to book in advance.


Sport shop in Tatranská Lomnica. Should help with bikes, too.

Things to do in High Tatras

There are plenty of options of activities in High Tatras. If you feel like going hiking, the best option from Tatranská Lomnica is to take a cable car up to Skalnaté Pleso. From here, hike to Zamkovského chata and up to Teryho chata (mountain hut, 2015 metres above sea level). Then walk down to Hrebienok from where you can take cable railway down to Starý Smokovec (or you can walk 1 hour).

Map of the route. You can buy Magistrála ticket for 29€ for both cable cars online here. From Starý Smokovec, take a local train to Tatranská Lomnica.

But if you feel like cycling, consider nice route up to Popradské Pleso mountain lake.

For more up-to-date information, visit local information centre in Tatranská Lomnica.