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Road Route, Stage 10: Travel Guide Pieniny - Spiš Castle

Adventure awaits you today. Scenic mountain views, deprivated Roma communities, UNESCO heritage. You will turn south again across historic region of Spiš.

From Červený Kláštor, follow a gradual ascent through Haligovce village all the way up to Toporecké sedlo pass (800 metres above sea level).

Enjoy downhill ride though Toporec and cross the main road the Roma villages Holumnica, Jurské and Ihľany. There is a grocery store in Holumnica, where you can fill up your energy, just be careful of leaving the bike and your belongings securely locked/watched. Local Roma people can be curious and should not be dangerous, but just in case do not stop. Obviously, Slovakia has a big problem with integrating Roma population and sharing the economic growth with deprivated communities, living mostly in this part of Slovakia. 

Behind Ihľany, bike up to Rosomák pass (784 metres above sea level) and down through former military area of Levočské hills. Explore abandoned military objects, stop by the information board about the history of former Ľubické spa and contemplate by a small church in evicted village Ruskinovce.

Bike up to the highest point of today’s stage, 868 metres above sea level. Downhill to Levočská valley has unpaved surface, so better go slowly. Levoča (UNESCO) town has charming square and architecture, enjoy a stop here for lunch or café. 

From Levoča, continue on the main road for 4 kilometres to Spišský Hrhov village. Stop at Kredenc grocery and souvenir shop at the entrance to the village by the main road, they support local Roma integration projects. Just like many other workshops in the village. Take a look at elegant chateau with big park or ask to visit the museum of musical instruments or other workshops. 

In Klčov, turn right from the main road to Buglovce and Baldovce. Spišská Kapitula (UNESCO) is right behind these villages. You deserve rest in this calm medieval former monastery serving tasty food.

74 kilometres


+ 970 metres

Elevation gain



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Road Route Stage 10: Pieniny – Spiš Castle

Pubs and restaurants

Where to eat and drink along the way?

Holumnica / 23 km

There are very few options for refreshments on this route and be careful to lock/check your bike and belongings when shopping in this grocery story in Holumnica.

Kupecká Bašta, Levoča / 58 km

Very recommended restaurant for lunch in UNESCO town Levoča. Good deal and sitting in the medieval city walls!

Penzión St. Martin / Spišská Kapitula

After your arrival to the destination, enjoy dinner in this calm and cosy restaurant at your accommodation.

Bed and Breakfast

Where will you stay for the night?

Penzión St. Martin / Spišská Kapitula

Medieval monastery turned into guest house. Charming!

Contact information

Address: Spišská Kapitula 45, Spišské Podhradie

Telephone: +421 948 957 977


What to see

Interesting locations along the route

Roma villages / 19-30 km

You ride through villages Toporec, Holumnica, Jurské and Ihľany with poor Roma communities living in bad conditions. Just drive through is recommended! 🙂

Levoča / 58 km

Elegant medieval UNESCO town, worth to stop for lunch and stroll around the square dominated by St. Jacob’s cathedral with the largest wooden gothic altar in the world (18,6 metres).

Spišský Hrhov / 64 km

Village is an example of successful integration projects of Roma population, with an elegant chateau, museum of world musical instruments and shop with local products Kredenc.

Repair shops

The best bike repair shops along the route

Tvoj Bicykel

Bike shop in town of  Kežmarok, just a small detour from the route.


E-bike rental in Podolínec, just a small detour from the route.

eMo Bicykle

Bike shop in Levoča, directly on the route.

Things to do in Spišské Podhradie

Your Penzión St. Martin guest house is located in one of the former seats of archbishop and historic objects are still in the hands of Catholic church. 

To become a pilgrim for an hour or two, take a scenic walk to Spiš “Jerusalem” visiting medieval religious chapels as well as travertine hill and water source Sivá Brada. The walking route has 4 kilometres in total.

If you have enough time, take a walk or bike ride into Spišské Podhradie centre and to Spiš Castle (open 9am – 7pm, last entry 6pm).