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Mountain Route, Stage 3: Travel Guide Dobrá Voda - Veľká Javorina / Nové Mesto nad Váhom

The third stage of the Mountain Route still goes north, as far as to the border between Slovakia and Czech Republic (Czechia). The first third of the route still crosses Little Carpathians. At Košariská village, you arrive to Myjavská pahorkatina hills, “Slovak Tuscany”. After Stará Myjava village and lake, you climb up to the highest hill of the White Carpathians, Veľká Javorina.


58 kilometres


+ 1 330 metres

Elevation gain



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Mountain Route Day 3: Dobrá Voda – Veľká Javorina

Pubs and restaurants

Where to eat and drink along the way?

Košariská village / 15 km

Charming village, a birthplace of the Slovak WWI hero MR Štefánik, offers refreshments at two local pubs/restaurants.

Stará Myjava Lake / 42 km

Before ascent to the White Carpathians ridge, refresh yourself by the Stará Myjava lake and take a lunch at the terrace of Tobb restaurant.

Holubyho chata

Mountain hut right under the top of Veľká Javorina (970 m). They serve food and drinks and have basic accommodation.

Bed and Breakfast

Where will you stay for the night?

Holubyho chata / Veľká Javorina

Basic tourist accommodation in the mountain hut with a restaurant.

Contact information

Address: Veľká Javorina

Telephone: +421 32 370 03 38


What to see

Interesting locations along the route

Bradlo / 20 km

Mohyla MR Štefánika (MR Štefánik Mound) is a spectacular tomb of the Slovak WWI hero built above his birthplace with spectacular views.

Stará Myjava Lake / 42 km

Refresh yourself (swim, eat, drink) in the lake surrounded by White Carpathian forests, before longer final ascent of today.

Veľká Javorina / 57 km

At the end of your journey today, you climbed the highest point of White Carpathians (970m), a legendary meeting point of Czechs and Slovaks.

Repair shops

The best bike repair shops along the route

Cyklocentrum / Myjava

Bike shop with bike repairs in Myjava town.

Servis oproti bytofke / Stará Myjava

Small local bike service in Stará Myjava village.

Cykloservis Kopanice / Stará Myjava

Another bike service in Stará Myjava village.

Should I stay or should I go?

Either you decide to stay at Veľká Javorina overnight or you prefer to cycle down to Nové Mesto nad Váhom to take a train, both of options have their ups and downs. 

Atmosphere at the mountain hut is charming and staying overnight is a pleasant experience. Accommodation is basic, with shared toilets and showers. If this is not your cup of tea, cycling down to Nové Mesto nad Váhom is ca 1 hour, 20 kilometres and 720 metres descent/downhill on paved roads experience.

From Nové Mesto nad Váhom, you have frequent train connections to Bratislava (direction south) or to Trenčín / Žilina (direction north).