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Best of Slovakia Stage 2 Malá Fatra - Orava Castle

Today may be a hard day, but also not that hard. It depends on you whether you prefer demanding mountain bike trails or cycling on asphalt roads to have more time to visit the Orava Castle.

From Terchová, you have two options: either cycling on the road with some traffic to Zázrivá and Párnica. The road is scenic but moderate traffic at this section can make your experience less joyful. Be cautious.

The second option is to bike up the hills on an unpaved road/path with a very steep ascent. The route is scenic without traffic but the surface is not ideal and requires some patience and concentration. Be careful especially on descent to Zázrivá. From here, you can either join the main asphalt road to Párnica or cycle up the gravel road across the forests down to Istebné.

Our default route in the map navigation follows the mountain bike route from Terchová to Zázrivá first and then it turns to the gravel road without traffic across the mountains to Istebné. Some sections can be a bit uneasy to ride because of logging activities.

Whether you come to the Orava river valley in Párnica or Istebné, follow the gravel / paved road almost without traffic to Dolný Kubín. There are several restaurants, cafés and supermarkets to refill the calories. There is a historic wooden bridge over Orava river and a nice square in town with a few memorials and museums and galleries to explore. Take a small detour from our route to visit the city centre by crossing one of the cycling bridges.

However, if you wish to catch opening hours at Orava Castle, continue along the river and across the hill to Oravský Podzámok. Your accommodation is only a few minutes walk from the entrance to Orava Castle. Allow yourself at least 1 hour to explore the castle, but you can easily spend 2 hours. You will be able to use a mobile app with guided information in the castle.

This is where the first Nosferatu movie (1922) was filmed, so good night! 🙂

47 kilometres


+ 865 metres

Elevation gain



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Day 2: Malá Fatra – Orava Castle

Pubs and restaurants

Where to eat and drink along the way?

Slnečný dvor / Zázrivá

Guest house with a bar along the route before the ascent to the gravel road across the mountains.

Koliba Restaurant / Dolný Kubín

Probably the best option for traditional lunch today deserved after cycling 36 km. Big portions and good beer.

Oravský Podzámok

There are two restaurants, a brewery/pub Kastelán and a café under the Orava Castle. Not a high cuisine, but should do the work.

Bed and Breakfast

Where will you stay for the night?

Penzión U nás / Oravský Podzámok

Perfectly located guest house right under the Orava Castle. 

Contact information

Address: Oravský Podzámok 113

Telephone: +421 908 937 725

What to see

Interesting locations along the route

Salaš Koliba Syrex in Zázrivá

Restaurant with authentic cheese production. Get some fresh stuff and possibly see the production.

Dolný Kubín

Cultural centre of Orava region offers a museum, gallery, wooden bridge, restaurants. Worth to stop for a while.

Orava Castle

One of the most scenic castles in Slovakia, where Nosferatu movie in 1922 was filmed. Open 8:30-17:00, entrance 9-13€, bring headphones to listen to app guide.